K.S. Anthony

I am a media executive based in New York City with a proven track record of successful media growth and optimization strategies in today's volatile environment.

As a writer and editor, I've earned over 143 million page views and one billion Facebook impressions. In addition, I have written branded content, feature-length screenplays, Billboard-charting song lyrics, and edited thousands of news articles, graduate and undergraduate research papers, college application essays, and more. 

As a content strategist and consultant, I offer unfiltered, actionable critiques and to companies wishing to develop cohesive and coherent content and social media strategies to build audience engagement and increase traffic to their sites. I don't fear the Gordian Knot of algorithms, no matter what behemoth created it... and my numbers prove it. 

As an executive, I differentiate myself through unconventional thinking, flexibility and excellence in tactics and strategy, the performance of those who I recruit and employ, and the speed and efficacy with which I and my teams deliver results. 

I graduated cum laude from Columbia University with a B.A. in English and studied novel writing at Yale Summer Session.

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