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I am a New York City-based writer and marketing strategist with a proven track record of successful growth and optimization strategies in today's volatile environment.

As a writer, I have earned hundreds of millions of page views and over a billion Facebook impressions. In addition, I have written branded content, feature-length screenplays, Billboard-charting song lyrics, and edited thousands of news articles, graduate and undergraduate research papers, college application essays, and more. 

In marketing, I differentiate myself through unconventional thinking, flexibility and excellence in tactics and strategy, the performance of those I recruit, and the speed and efficacy with which my teams and I deliver results. 
I graduated cum laude from Columbia University with a B.A. in English and am proud to be an honorary G-Chief (civilian advisor) in the NYC Chapter of the Special Forces Association. 

Legendary Value Investor Mohnish Pabrai on Turkish Stocks, Big Tech and his $650k Lunch with Warren Buffett

When we last spoke to Mohnish Pabrai in April 2020, his confidence was as unwavering as ever. While gloom seemed to grip the market, Mohnish and other value investors were hunting down deeply discounted stocks in the fire sale that followed the March crash, marking a resurgence of active investing. Amidst the sell-offs in the uncertainty generated by the pandemic, Mohnish Pabrai seemed almost serene. "This too shall pass," he told SumZero.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Divya Narendra Interviews Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss on Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs, Crypto, and More

Gemini founders Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are probably the most well-known cryptocurrency investors in the world and for good reason: according to the New York Times, the two were early acolytes of blockchain-powered currency, having held positions in Bitcoin since 2012 before expanding to other coins and eventually launching the Gemini trading platform in 2015.

Digging for Value in Micro-Caps: Boomer Holdings

When we reported on the SumZero community’s best performing stocks of 1H2020 last October, we observed that the “top 10 performing ideas published in 2020 are all for nano, micro, or small cap companies, with low opening prices but an average of 274.7% returns,” further noting that of those 10, “six ideas had opening prices lower than $1 in the stock's given currency, while the remaining four ideas were less than $20.” Since then, we’ve seen more and more ideas on nano, micro, and small c

Curtains or Comeback? Movie Theaters and Studios Adapt or Die During Pandemic

The news that Disney (DIS: US) plans to release the live-action version of Mulan with an additional $29.99 on-demand price tag to Disney+ subscribers shone a spotlight on one of the biggest questions impacting the film industry as the COVID-19 crisis continues to hamstring the economy: how will new cinematic releases be affected if movie theaters remain closed or if audiences stop going to movies? While filming and production have been delayed or halted altogether on some features, Hollyw

Plagues, Apocalypses, and Other Banalities

"It hadn't occurred to me until recently that most people are optimists, believing in a tidy model of the universe where things always regress to the mean and follow a predictable ebb and flow that they can model. They never really get that fat-tail, multi-sigma events (so-called "Black Swan" events that, according to standard statistical models should be so mathematically impossible as to be invisible) not only happen with observable frequency, but have effects that are incredibly unpredictable (and in this case quite destructive) with second and third order effects that are similarly unpredictable."

Fight or Flight? Two Deep Value Investments While Air Travel is Grounded

As the COVID19 virus continues to disrupt the market, contributing to the historical plunge that briefly halted trading on Monday, March 9th and again on Thursday, March 12th, some portfolio and fund managers are looking to the skies for deep value investments. No, they’re not experiencing religious epiphanies: they’re proselytizing the virtues of buying into various aspects of air travel...

Irrational Exuberance: An Interview With WallStreetBets Founder Jaime Rogozinski

While SumZero has served the professional BuySide community since 2008, we would be remiss if we did not comment on trends that affect the financial ecosystem. As many have noted in recent weeks, there is an undeniable impact being made by retail investors that affect the market as a whole. Among them is Reddit’s WallStreetBets. Our aim was to avoid sensationalist coverage and examine this phenomenon as objectively as possible to better serve our members. – Editor Irrational Exuberan

Anti-Viral: Two Biotech Stocks Rising With COVID-19

With the COVID-19 coronavirus dominating the headlines and sparking a downturn across broad swaths of the market, many investors are looking to those who are leading the way in the search for either a vaccine, a cure, or both. While many in pharma and biotech are contributing research to this global health crisis, two companies are at the forefront of this battle: Gilead Sciences Inc. (GILD:US) and Moderna Inc. (MRNA:US). Not only have both GILD and MRNA seen significant increases in an otherwis

Peloton and Nautilus: The Long and Short of Fiscal Fitness

The biggest change in exercise machines is the adoption of endogenous technology intended to quantify performance or physiological metrics. Speedometers, pedometers, heart rate monitors, and calorie calculators – once separate tools – can now be found on the least advanced stationary bicycles or treadmills at nearly any gym across the world as well as in wearable devices and phones. At a certain point, the number of useful metrics drops off for the average exerciser.

A Stalker's Dream: Startup Scraped Billions of Images From Social Media for Facial Recognition AI

An artificial intelligence start-up that has scraped billions of images from social media websites – in likely violation of the sites' terms of service – for facial recognition use by law enforcement agencies is renewing concerns among privacy advocates who fear that the technology could eventually make stalking a complete stranger as easy as taking a picture. The company, Clearview AI, Inc. , was
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