42% Of Columbia University Seniors Would Give Up Oral Sex Before Cheese

Columbia University’s senior class, I’m disappointed in you. According to a submission to the Senior Wisdoms portion of one of the school papers, many of you chose cheese instead of one of the better kinds of sex. The survey was in response to the paper’s most famous Senior Wisdoms question, “Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese?” The survey states that most of the students that said they would not give up “breakfast in bed” over an element of plain old breakfast suggested lactose intole

Is This the Craziest Sex Debate Ever?

There’s a big debate going on between oral sex and cheese…seriously If you had to choose between toe-curling foreplay and a creamy brie, which would you pick? This hilarious—and heated—debate sparked some fascinating research at Columbia University. Columbia’s online edition of The Blue and White magazine has an annual tradition of interviewing graduating students for their Senior Wisdoms feature. Every year, they ask the question, “Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese?” This year,

Bwog Asks “Oral Sex or Cheese?” Math and Hilarity Ensues

Remember our good friends Bwog uptown? At the end of spring semester, they asked graduating seniors, “Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese?” It’s part of this long-running series called “Senior Wisdom,” where seniors impart particular wisdom onto freshmen and beyond. Last week, out of the dark mysteriousness of the Internet, they received an in-depth statistical analysis of their Cheese Or Oral Sex responses.
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